American Scout Network

​​Welcome to ASN: the leading scouting consultancy service in the American soccer market. Our network of experienced scouts have built the most comprehensive database of U19 to U15 talent based in the United States. Work with us to get the most in-depth knowledge on one of the fastest growing talent markets in the world.


Do not get left behind

Gain a competitive advantage

As transfer market rates continue to inflate, it's becoming increasingly important for clubs to find talent earlier and in new regions. Work with us to find emerging talent from the United States before others do.

Get customized solutions

Every scouting department has unique requirements. Our services are flexible and customizable to cater to your club's player development vision. Whether you need in-depth player reports, market analysis, or comprehensive scouting support, ASN has you covered.

Support 365 days a year

It can be difficult to work across various time zones. We are fully committed to alleviating the stress in the bustling transfer market. We assure our clients that they can reach us every day of the week.

Our Services

ASN is a private scouting company focused on the top talent in the United States from the U19 to the U15 academy level. We aim to bridge the gap between between European clubs and American talent by providing clients with the most comprehensive and up to date information on the best young players in the United States.

Why ASN?


ASN's scouts possess unmatched expertise in the U.S. market and have experience working on extensive engagements with top European clubs competing in UEFA Champions League.

Cost Savings

We deliver the work of a full-time regional scout for a fraction of the price.


We streamline the scouting process for our clients through a comprehensive and user-friendly player database.

Interested in learning more?

Drop us a message and we can schedule some time to demo our platform, discuss our approach and align on a level of service that makes sense for you.

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